Fine artisanal beer for cellaring

Smedsbo Slott

Select craft beers for cellaring

Smedsbo Slott beer is all brewed in a traditional artisanal way to allow the complex flavours to develop. Leaning on proved traditional brewing, the tastes and styles are creatively built by tirelessly refining each recipe by brewer and beer judge Pär Windahl.

All beers from Smedsbo Slott are made in limited batch editions, nurtured to be enjoyed immediately on release but also well suited for long time cellaring. To age with grace, these beers are high in alcohol with rich tastes, that should be savoured slowly.

Prized craft beer and exciting collabs

Smedsbo Slott has won the Kieler Craft Beer Days Best Brewery Publikum Preis three times in a row 2017-2019, which means that we are no longer allowed to compete! Smedsbo Slott have also done collaborations with Wylam Brewery in Newcastle, and the Yardley Brothers in Hong Kong.